Gary Lineker has ‘reliable’ tip that handball rule will be changed after FA Cup final

Gary Lineker has 'reliable' tip that handball rule will be changed after FA Cup final

Jack Grealish was found to have handled the ball during the FA Cup final, which infuriated Manchester City. Lineker has criticized the present regulation.

According to Gary Lineker, who claims to have reliable sources, the handball regulation will alter for the upcoming season.

After Jack Grealish was found to have handled the ball within his own area during the FA Cup final, the contentious law was once again a hot topic.

When United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka headed the ball from close range into Grealish’s fingers, the penalty was awarded after VAR had instructed referee Paul Tierney to check the monitors.

Ilkay Gundogan scored first, much to the chagrin of City winger Grealish and his coach Pep Guardiola on the sidelines, but Bruno Fernandes dutifully came on to cancel it out.

Micah Richards, Alan Shearer, and Peter Schmeichel joined Lineker in the BBC studios at Wembley, where they all expressed doubt that it was a penalty.

Shearer took the lead in condemnation, saying: “It is awful. Although that is a natural stance, they discuss about natural and unnatural positions and proximity. What in the world is he supposed to do?

Lineker, a former England striker, then reacted, saying, “I have extremely reliable information that the law will be simplified. They’ll very certainly return to common sense, as they once did.

Jack Grealish appeals the award of the penalty


Saying that your hand is in an unusual position, in my opinion, is absurd because it must be at least somewhat natural unless it is completely apart from your body.

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A player will receive a penalty, according to the current FA rule, if they contact the ball with their hand or arm “where their body has been made unnaturally bigger.”

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