Davio White biography, net worth, experience, education, location, tech life, career, expectations and real name

Davio White's Biography, Education, Career

Who is Davio White?

David Chimenem Okpara, also known as Davio White, is a brand and product designer with two years of professional experience.
in brand and visual design, user interface designs, illustrations, and a track record in brand communication and creative direction.
and marketing designs on a global scale.

Full name:                                             David                                                                        Chimenem                                                                Okpara

Social media name:                            Davio White

Born:                                                     Unknown

Place of birth:                                      Port                                                                           Harcourt

State of Origin:                                    Unknown

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Nationality:                                          Nigeria

Marital Status:                                    Not Married

Occupation:                                        Brand,                                                                       Illustration, and Product Designer

Net worth:                                              Unknown


Davio White
Davio White

Davio White’s Biography and Education

Popular designer Davio White is a well-known Nigerian tech guy. His real name is David Chimenem Okpara, and the name Okpara seems to come from somewhere in the southern part of Nigeria. Davio White studied at the National Open University of Nigeria from 2015 to 2019. He acquired his B.S.C. in Computer Science and also accumulated a lot of knowledge online through school on product, branding, and illustration design that made him stand out in the best Senoir design. Let me shock most of you: Davio White is an artist who has such a melodious voice that you will never like to miss him on stage. Now he’s an artist, brand, UX, and product designer.

He has acquired more certifications and licenses from a lot of big institutes and companies, like
Art Direction for Creative Visual Branding from Domestika, Issued January 2022
Principles of Presentation Design, Domestika, Issued January 2022
Logo design: from concept to presentation Domestika Issued January 2021


Davio White’s Career

Davio White discovered his tech niche at a young age, and he focused and started building himself, which has made him the best mentor and role model for a lot of designers. Also, his career has made him known on all social media platforms and has landed him a lot of huge work, both full-time jobs, roles, and even freelancing jobs too.

Davio White’s net worth

Davio White’s net worth is so huge that I can’t even say, but that dude is on funds.

Davio White experience and skill,

Davio White has 11 years of experience and 22 skills, which is so huge that he deserves a Guinness World Record. Thias Experience means that he has work in 11 Company and majority are foriegn company. I wonder how much he’s been paid. “Stop playing, bruh; I will never be poor”.

His skills, which can also be referred to as what he can do perfectly in his niche, are: design system, prototyping, visual design, operation management, and negotiation. Coaching, Web Design, Digital Strategy, Sales, User Experience, User Interface, Wireframing, Public Speaking, Branding and Identity, Brand Management, Team Leadership, Graphics, Product Design, Illustration, Branding, User Experience Design, and Logo Design—with all these skills—why will he be broke? If you are reading this post, say to yourself “I will be serious with tech”.
His experience consists of his working experience as well as his learning experience. Let’s list out his experience: He worked at Velox Real Estate on contract as a brand designer from March 2021 to January 2022, at Debrand Travel on contract as a brand designer from December 2020 to March 2022, at the Rivers State ICT Department (Techcreek) as a freelancer and also as a professional speaker from June 2022 to July 2022, and at the Explore Africa Foundation as a freelancer and also as a professional speaker from July 2022 to August 2022. I worked at Nft notified on contract as a product designer from June 2022 until date; I worked at Dw Dreamwork as a freelancer and also as a product designer from 2020 until date; I worked at Chiva App on contract as a product designer from March 2022 until date; I worked at GetFlipexApp on contract as a UIUX designer from September 2022 until date; and Davio has worked for a lot of companies here in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, which I can’t mention. Recently, he got a role at a popular Arabic company, Tweeq, as a UX designer. Man, don’t chop Arab money. Hustle bruh, Davio White is a role model to a lot of designers. By his grace, you reading this content will know and enjoy this technology.

Davio White’s social media handle

He’s very active on social media, posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, where he teaches newbies. He has over 64.6k followers on Twitter, 5k+ and 500+ connections, 15.8k followers on Instagram, 1.2k followers on Facebook, and 3.91k YouTube subscribers, o


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