Nigerian man flaunts his two girlfriends in viral video and claims to love them both, “God Save Me.”

A young man from Nigeria who is dating two women simultaneously proudly displayed them on social media. The young man said those who date just one woman are truly missing out and made fun of those who do. He continued by discussing his upcoming marriage and mentioned that one of the women appeared to be envious.

A young Nigerian man named @innowire__1 made waves online by flaunting his two girlfriends. The young man claims to love them both and has intentions to establish a polygamous union with them.

The young man keeps online users engaged

and informed on his relationships with women via his TikTok page. He mentioned in one of his articles that one of the women is from Ghana and that Loveth is a jealous lover.

His criticism of men who date just one woman was that they are missing out. He acknowledged that having two girlfriends is difficult in a video showcasing his lovers.


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