Lagos bishop raped me twice –Female pastor Testifies.


In testimony before a court, a 23-year-old

former assistant pastor at the I Reign Christian Family Church in Akure, Ondo State, said that Bishop Feyi, the founder of the organization, had sexually assaulted her twice.

The witness testified before the Justice Ramon

Oshodi-presiding court that she first saw the bishop on May 28, 2018, when he paid a visit to Akure for a program.

The first assault allegedly took place on June 21, 2020, when the bishop allegedly forced himself on her while pretending to talk about church things.

He raped me when I was pinned against a

three-seat couch, the victim claimed. I was bleeding from my private area and he was much larger than me.

I was pleading with him, but he remained

unresponsive. When I told him I was bleeding, he acknowledged it and urged me to stop talking.

“When he was through, he told me to get

cleaned up right away. Before I exited, he removed the blood from my phone and cleaned it. He advised me not to tell anyone and warned me that I would go insane if I did.

The woman was taken to a hospital in Lekki by the defendant, who gave her instructions to say that her boyfriend had assaulted her. After surviving a second attack, the victim managed to transmit a coded message to another pastor outlining her condition.

The case was postponed until May 24 so that the witness could be cross-examined and the trial could continue. Justice Ramon Oshodi.

Keep in mind that Bishop Feyi gained popularity online when he made various predictions concerning the Nigerian presidential elections. Many of the aforementioned prophecies, according to observers, have yet to come true.

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This situation existed prior to the election and

has been ongoing since 2021. This is unrelated to the election or his prophesies, which are currently thought to be a ruse to draw attention away from the numerous rap court cases.

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