Empire Record label insist on 15years contract sign by Ghana Singer Black Sheriff


Black Sheriff, a singer from Ghana, is said to have agreed to a 15-year contract that will see him give up 85% of his music profits to record firm Empire in Nigeria. 🥲


Black Sheriff, who has attracted a lot of attention, reportedly wants to become independent and start his own record company, according to popular stories online. He did, however, commit to a 15-year record label deal with Empire one year before to his breakout, which is still in effect today.


According to a document that many believe to be Black Sheriff’s contract with Empire, the record company will receive 75% of the money made from the promotion of the artist’s albums, while 10% will go to Black Sheriff’s Ghana-based label, leaving the artist with only 15%.


According to the terms of the deal, Black Sheriff is required to create 7 EPs over the course of the following 15 years, all of which will be promoted by Empire. The agreement called for a $30,000 initial advance payment at the time of contract signing, with the remaining balance dependent on Black Sheriff’s 15% cut of the profits gained along the way.


The Ghanaian star is unquestionably suffering from this circumstance. Unfortunately, in their quest for fame, many up-and-coming musicians unintentionally submit themselves to similar setups. They create music just to be taken advantage of by these powerful record labels.


Dear aspiring artists, “Be careful what you sign in search of quick fame!!!



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